A Bridge of Opportunities – Connecting Water and Tea

A Bridge of Opportunities -connecting Water and Tea

Have you ever experienced your tea tastes completely different depends on the water you use?

The choice of water plays a significant role in tea brewing, but how much do we know about water?

In this workshop, Michael Hemling, a certified water and tea sommelier will highlight the role of water in tea and what type of water is most suitable for brewing tea.

Michael will also talk about the opportunities to link between tea and fine water industry to create new experiences.

Sunday, July 26th

12:15 am -1:00 am AEST (UTC+10)

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Nomad Tea Festival

This workshop is recommended for industry professionals, but anyone wants to learn about water is welcomed to join.  

Thanks to Michael, this workshop will be complementary.

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I am a certified tea sommelier, graduated from the World Tea Academy in 2016 and a certified Water Sommelier, graduated in 2018 as the first graduate of the fine water academy.

I am mainly focusing on connecting the fine water industry with the tea industry through my blog manwithamug.com.

I am currently living in Lilongwe, Malawi working for the UN World Food Programme.

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