What is the
Nomad Tea Festival?

“The Nomad Tea Festival is a tea festival that will run 100% virtually dedicated to everyone interested in tea.

Whether you just started to drink tea or a tea connoisseur,

we are here to connect, engage,and uplift tea communities around the world.


Build an inclusive tea community by connecting, engaging, and uplifting the diverse tea communities around the world to celebrate  love for tea.


Enhance ecosystem for the global tea community. 


We want to become an example where the festival organization, tea businesses, tea educators, tea performers, and tea fans all benefit. So we can support one another to continue our tea journey. 

Building an Inclusive
Tea Community


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so many tea events had to announce heartbreaking cancellation, affecting thousands of people from small tea farmers to tea passionate fans.

Festivals, conferences, and expos are more than simple entertainment. 

It’s a symbol where people meet, engage, participate, share, communicate, and grow as a community.

And, that’s why the Nomad Tea Festival was created.


Have you ever felt frustrated with the existing tea expos, conferences, or any tea-related events? It was a matter of time for the Nomad Tea Festival to be created.  

Nomad Tea Festival 

  • Only exists to enhance the overall ecosystem for the global tea community.

  • Cuts down unnecessary cost, bureaucracy, and nepotism.

  • Refuses to take advantage of someone’s knowledge, skill, or passion.

  • Provides transparency.

  • Provides full communication channels.

  • Create opportunities for people interested in tea.