Nomad Tea Festival exists to connect, engage, and uplift 

the diverse tea communities around the world. 



Build an inclusive tea community by connecting, engaging, and uplifting the diverse tea communities around the world to celebrate love for tea.

Enhance the global tea ecosystem.  

Nomad Tea Festival was created in 2020 when numerous tea events announced cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As you know, events such as festivals, conferences, and expos are more than simple entertainment. It’s a symbol where people meet, communicate, and grow as a community.

Despite the global emergency, we had to do something. That’s how the festival was born. 

Soo Chung oversees the entire Nomad Tea Festival. Previously, Soo co-organised the festival with Xenia Blanco (Nomad Tea Festival Europe 2020) , and Areum Ko (Nomad Tea Festival Korea 2021). 

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Soo Chung

Soo Chung

Nomad Tea Festival

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Xenia Blanco

Xenia Blanco

ntf europe

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Areum Ko

Areum Ko

ntf korea

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