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B.TEALY provides premium organic teas individually, in tea boxes, and as a monthly tea subscription.

We are Beate & Chris, a small family start-up in Germany.

We offer customized premium organic tea subscriptions. Based on your tea drinking preferences you can choose between five different themed tea boxes. You can order each tea box once, monthly or every second month. Each box consists of three different teas. Further, all teas are sold individually and a small set of exclusive tea ware is available for the tea consumption at home and on the go.

All our teas are organic, without any additional sugar and without artificial flavors as pure as it gets. We only sell our tea in recyclable tea cans without any plastics, as we care very much about our environment!

We are very much looking forward to this cool format of the Nomad Tea Festival!

What's popular at B.TEALY? 🍵


Explorer Organic Tea Box

“Discover the vast world of teas daily.” 

  • Monthly new
  • Colorful mix
  • World of teas
  • 3 teas with 150-180 servings
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Health Coach Organic Tea Box 

Good for your body and soul.”

  • Healthy teas
  • With herbs 
  • Ayurveda teas
  • 3 teas with 150-180 servings

Purist Organic Tea Box 

Pure tea,
pure taste,
pure experience

  • Only pure teas
  • All regions
  • 3 teas with 150-180 servings

B.TEALY will be attending the Nomad Tea Festival. Stop by their booth and say "hi"😀

Enter Nomad Tea Festival > go to booth > search B.TEALY.

If you are attending from PC, make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best festival experience.  

B.TEALY will be at booth for the first and last 6 hours of the festival: 
12-6am AEST (4-10pm CEST)
6pm-12am AEST (10am-4pm CEST)

Yes, international orders currently via email. Our online shop only serves Germany & Austria at the moment. 

About Nomad Tea Festival

We are here to connect, engage, and uplift the diverse tea communities around the world 🌎