Each Stage segment in Hopin comes with a “backstage.”

The backstage is a private video chat that lets speakers and organisers circle up in Hopin before going live in front of attendees. 

To access your backstage link, 

  • Sign in and go to your organiser dashboard
  • Go to Segments
  • Under Stage, you’ll see the link to the backstage.

Open that link in a new tab to enter the backstage.

Send the link to speakers so they can meet you there.

Use the backstage chat to communicate privately via messaging in the backstage.

When you’re ready, select Go Live to broadcast to the main stage.

You’re LIVE!

Click the eye icon to view the main stage.

IMPORTANT: Mute the volume on the main stage otherwise the sound will echo.

NOTE: There’s a small delay between stages: the main stage will be 10-20 seconds behind the backstage. 

We recommend muting and ignoring the main stage to stay focused on your presentation in the backstage. You can still monitor and respond to questions from attendees in the Event chat tab.