Tea Sommelier Nicoletta Tul is pouring tea

Nicoletta Tul

Nicoletta Tul Tea Sommelier Facebook-f Instagram A biochemist that changed her life for the love of tea. Nicoletta Tul is a certified tea sommelier and official tea evaluator for the […]

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Yoon Hee Kim

Yoon Hee Kim

YOON HEE KIM Certified Tea Master / TeaClassics @teaclassics 🍵 / Korean Tea Culture Foundation Link Facebook-f Yoon Hee Kim is the founder and director of TeaClassics, Tea and Food Arts with Yoon

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Vincent Liu developed a tea app called MyTeaPal

Vincent Liu

Vincent Liu Founder, MyTeaPal Facebook-f Instagram Link Vincent is a recent college graduate of Duke University in North Carolina, USA. He became interested in tea five years ago and trained

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Eric Glass Korean Tea Enthusiast

Eric Glass

Eric Glass Tea Blogger at TeaCrimes Facebook-f Instagram Link After a few years into his tea studies, Eric settled on two categories of tea to take precedence in his life.

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Moé Kishida - Yoga Explorations with Ma (間)

Moé Kishida

Moé Kishida Movement researcher, improviser, tea enthusiast Facebook-f Moé is a movement researcher, improviser, Japanese tea enthusiast, and wanderer. Currently based in Montpellier, France, Moé is interested in the process

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music for tea kuzma

Kuzma Bogdanov

KUZMA BOGDANOV music for tea Link Facebook-f Instagram Youtube Music for tea is an ambient project based on tea. «Tea must be drunk to forget the noise of the world»

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Old Trees In China - Michal Butor

Michal Butor

MICHAL BUTOR Manager Link Facebook-f I studied sinology, the study of Chinese language, history, customs, and politics and graduated from Commenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia). (07-08 at Yunnan University in

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Anna Poian - Japanese Tea In Japan And Europe

Anna Poian

ANNA POIAN Co-Founder, Global Japanese Tea Association Link Facebook-f Instagram Anna Poian is co-founder of  the Global Japanese Tea Association. She has been actively involved with Japanese tea since 2016 after

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Simona Zavadckyte - Japanese Tea In Japan And Europe

Simona Zavadckyte

SIMONA ZAVADCKYTE President, Global Japanese Tea Association Link Facebook-f Instagram Simona Zavadckyte is the president of the Global Japanese Tea Association and the author of the book called ‘Japanese Tea:

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