Tea Sommelier Nicoletta Tul is pouring tea

Nicoletta Tul

Nicoletta Tul Tea Sommelier Facebook-f Instagram A biochemist that changed her life for the love of tea. Nicoletta Tul is a certified tea sommelier and official tea evaluator for the Chinese government. She runs her own tea business and a tea shop in Padova, Italy where she lives and works.She organizes tea workshops, webinars, and …

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Yoon Hee Kim

Yoon Hee Kim

YOON HEE KIM Certified Tea Master / TeaClassics @teaclassics 🍵 / Korean Tea Culture Foundation Link Facebook-f Yoon Hee Kim is the founder and director of TeaClassics, Tea and Food Arts with Yoon Hee Kim, and the Korean Tea Culture Foundation. Yoon Hee is a multi-talent tea expert, tea ceremony artist, certified tea master, chef, tea photographer, and …

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Vincent Liu developed a tea app called MyTeaPal

Vincent Liu

Vincent Liu Founder, MyTeaPal Facebook-f Instagram Link Vincent is a recent college graduate of Duke University in North Carolina, USA. He became interested in tea five years ago and trained to be a tea specialist in Chengdu, China. After starting a tea club and tea association in college, he decided to create a tea app, …

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Eric Glass Korean Tea Enthusiast

Eric Glass

Eric Glass Tea Blogger at TeaCrimes Facebook-f Instagram Link After a few years into his tea studies, Eric settled on two categories of tea to take precedence in his life. Heicha & Korean Teas (specifically balhyocha). Introduced to Korea’s splendor in 2010, Eric swiftly felt the urge to visit South Korea’s mainland tea-producing areas. His …

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Moé Kishida - Yoga Explorations with Ma (間)

Moé Kishida

Moé Kishida Movement researcher, improviser, tea enthusiast Facebook-f Moé is a movement researcher, improviser, Japanese tea enthusiast, and wanderer. Currently based in Montpellier, France, Moé is interested in the process of unlearning and is curious to explore how movement may facilitate connection and sense of belonging through a nonverbal state. Moé obtained her RYT 200 …

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music for tea kuzma

Kuzma Bogdanov

KUZMA BOGDANOV music for tea Link Facebook-f Instagram Youtube Music for tea is an ambient project based on tea. «Tea must be drunk to forget the noise of the world» T’en Yuiheng I hope that music will help you achieve the “thereof” tea state, help you understand yourself, tune on the right mood.

Heat Sources And Kettles For Tea - Admar De Bruin


ADMAR DE BRUIN Tea Hugger, Leaves With Hugs Link Facebook-f Instagram Youtube My name is Admar and I am the owner of Leaves With Hugs. My tea journey started back in 2015 when I first learned about Puer tea. I thought it tasted weird but drank it anyway because I read somewhere it was good …


Old Trees In China - Michal Butor

Michal Butor

MICHAL BUTOR Manager Link Facebook-f I studied sinology, the study of Chinese language, history, customs, and politics and graduated from Commenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia). (07-08 at Yunnan University in Kunming) with a master’s degree. Tea enthusiasm came hand in hand ever since my studies began in 2004. I decided to explore tea plantations and …

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Anna Poian - Japanese Tea In Japan And Europe

Anna Poian

ANNA POIAN Co-Founder, Global Japanese Tea Association Link Facebook-f Instagram Anna Poian is co-founder of  the Global Japanese Tea Association. She has been actively involved with Japanese tea since 2016 after a 3 months internship at Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms in Japan. Since then, she has been introducing and promoting Japanese tea around Europe through workshops …

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Simona Zavadckyte - Japanese Tea In Japan And Europe

Simona Zavadckyte

SIMONA ZAVADCKYTE President, Global Japanese Tea Association Link Facebook-f Instagram Simona Zavadckyte is the president of the Global Japanese Tea Association and the author of the book called ‘Japanese Tea: A Comprehensive Guide’. Simona has been working with Japanese tea since 2013 and her personal goal is to make Japanese tea more open and accessible …

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