Nomad Tea Festival 2020

Rui Liu Grass People Tree

Rui Liu

Rui Liu Founder, Grass People Tree Link Facebook Instagram Linkedin Youtube Rui Liu, the founder of Grass People Tree, shares the untold stories of wild, indigenous and ancient tea that

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monsoon tea kenneth


Kenneth Rimdahl CEO, Monsoon Tea Link Facebook The idea of Monsoon Tea started growing when I first travelled to Northern Thailand over 20 years ago to source ceramic teapots for


Luca Campaniello spoke about tea in Italy at Nomad Tea Festival 2020

Luca Campaniello

Luca Campaniello Tea lover and artist, Luchayi Link Facebook-f Instagram Youtube Luca Campaniello is an italian tea lover, founder of luchayi blog and a co-founder of “Fogliditè”, the first Italian

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Michael Hemling

Michael Hemling

Michael Hemling Certified Tea and Water Sommelier Link Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Water I am a certified tea sommelier, graduated from the World Tea Academy in 2016 and a certified Water

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Water and Tea

A Bridge of Opportunities -connecting Water and Tea Have you ever experienced your tea tastes completely different depends on the water you use? The choice of water plays a significant

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