Nomad Tea Festival 2020

Rui Liu Grass People Tree

Rui Liu

Rui Liu Founder, Grass People Tree Link Facebook Instagram Linkedin Youtube Rui Liu, the founder of Grass People Tree, shares the untold stories of wild, indigenous and ancient tea that are made in tune with nature just like it was 2500 years ago. Born and raised in the wild and inaccessible mountains of Guizhou in …

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monsoon tea kenneth


Kenneth Rimdahl CEO, Monsoon Tea Link Facebook The idea of Monsoon Tea started growing when I first travelled to Northern Thailand over 20 years ago to source ceramic teapots for a tea company I then worked for in Spain. Five years after Monsoon Tea was founded and nearly 20 years after the original idea started …


Luca Campaniello spoke about tea in Italy at Nomad Tea Festival 2020

Luca Campaniello

Luca Campaniello Tea lover and artist, Luchayi Link Facebook-f Instagram Youtube Luca Campaniello is an italian tea lover, founder of luchayi blog and a co-founder of “Fogliditè”, the first Italian magazine on tea.  He is also a musician and a composer. In the last years Luca traveled to remote tea fields, with the belief that “Every …

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Michael Hemling

Michael Hemling

Michael Hemling Certified Tea and Water Sommelier Link Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Water I am a certified tea sommelier, graduated from the World Tea Academy in 2016 and a certified Water Sommelier, graduated in 2018 as the first graduate of the fine water academy. I am mainly focusing on connecting the fine water industry with the …

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Water and Tea

A Bridge of Opportunities -connecting Water and Tea Have you ever experienced your tea tastes completely different depends on the water you use? The choice of water plays a significant role in tea brewing, but how much do we know about water? In this workshop, Michael Hemling, a certified water and tea sommelier will highlight …

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finale tea party

Finale Tea Partea

FINALE TEA PARTEA    We invited a special guest, Marie Gardner, who will be sharing knowledge of handmade teawares,  so bring any question you had about a teaware.    We will also talk about the NTFE highlights, freely talk about how you enjoy the festival, and wrap of two days of tea celebration.    DATESunday, Oct …

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MIDNIGHT TEA PARTEA   Bring tea, tea cocktail, tea mocktail, tea wine, tea spirit, tea food whatever you like. During the Midnight Tea Partea, we will share how each individual enjoys tea in different ways. Our special guest Kyle, the founder of TeaBookClub will also look back over a year of tea reading with reviews, …


yoga-explorations-with-ma nomad tea festival

Yoga Explorations with Ma (間)

Yoga Explorations with Ma (間) Experience a mindful yoga class that explores the Japanese concept of Ma(間), the spaces in between. During the first 15 minutes, you will learn about the concept of ma(間) and also enjoy a cup of tea (it does not have to be Japanese tea) to connect and build intention to practice together.  Then, …

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Introduction to Sencha

Introduction to Sencha Have you tried Sencha, the most popular tea in Japan? Are you familiar with Japanese green tea?   At this workshop, you will be able to learn  1. A short introduction to Japanese green tea 2. What sencha is and how it is cultivated and processed 3. Different types of sencha 4. How …

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