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Cha Bay: Fine Teas and Rough Wares. We make tea ware that pairs beautifully with handcrafted teas, helping budding and seasoned tea enthusiasts build artful tea experiences.

Cha Bay is the marriage of tea chef Lisa Chan and wood-firing ceramist Auguste Elder in New York City–your personal and experienced guides to your unique tea journey.

Together we provide you with deep insight and access into the world of ceramic vessels, original tea sweets, and award winning teas.

Our shop is rooted in the notion that you, our tea friends, benefit from knowing the makers firsthand.

Auguste throws and fires our wares using 16th-century methods commonly found in Japan, Korea, and China; we source our teas from the tea garden where Lisa worked and studied with a 3rd generation tea master; Lisa innovates our own tea-infused pastries, putting her background in French culinary arts to work.

Together we put you in the center of your exploration, sharing the knowledge and passion we have for all that is authentic and timeless.

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Merging our wood-firing sensibilities with a more modern reduction-firing process.

We ventured into gas-firing our own wares during the COVID-19 pandemic when travel to our usual anagama wood-kiln site was not possible. This allowed us to explore developing our proprietary glaze formulas.

We preferred this method over electric firing since there still exists the opportunity to collaborate with an open flame, and introduce a measure of serendipity into our process.

Fire is a transformative force of nature, and our wares bear the markings of this metamorphosis in their color shifts, ishihaze (“stone burst,” or melting out of mineral compounds), and warping of forms.

We could not be more excited to share this collection with you, both in spite of, and in honor of recent times.

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Tea Tile (Tea Sweet)

Taking inspiration from the ceramics, Cha Bay’s cookies are expressions of tradition and simplicity. Simplicity is the stage where natural ingredients showcase their true flavors. Butter is celebrated, along with textures that crumble and snap. Each cookie is made with tea, or made to pair with tea, and honors centuries of French pastry traditions.

Forever Spring Oolong

As the name suggests, this delicate-aroma oolong grows all year long. Always young and fresh! It is a lightly oxidized oolong and evokes the soft and sweet cascade of new life, the open-ended possibilities of the vernal equinox. The liquor is a clear, pale gold with a subtle hint of sunlight passing through a sapling’s spray of young leaves. The first through third steeps reveal a grassy, bashful juiciness that eventually yield to a decidedly floral finish. We were pleased to note a bug-bitten and copper-edged bounty of leaves in this year’s harvest, indicators of an expertly oxidized, pesticide-free crop. We’re curious to hear if you sense a playful linger of flavor on the sides of your tongue as we do. Share with us your tasting notes!

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