Chai Latte is Not a Chai!

Chai latte, Chai tea, Chai is everywhere,

but have you wondered what chai is? 



Susmita from Tea with Susmita will virtually join from India 

and explain what chai is in-depth. 


She will share different chai recipes 

and tips on how to pair chai with food. 



Any Bridgerton fans who recently discovered the world of chai? 

This workshop will be extra fun 

for those who watched the popular Netflix’s show Bridgerton.



Saturday, 6 August 2022



3:15-4 pm AEST (UTC+10)



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You can join this workshop in-person or online. 

1. In-person: 23 Meyers Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000

2. Online




38 AUD


hosted by

Susmita Das Gupta - Indian Tea - History & Pairing


Tea Artist

Susmita Das Gupta is a Tea Artist – a title she has given to herself to communicate what she does – teaching the art of making and drinking fine tea. It is her mission to make Indian specialty tea reach global audience by making tea and tea drinking activity fun and engaging. Susmita is the Founder of Tea with Susmita – a platform to introduce and promote specialty Indian tea to the discerning global tea drinkers and is certified in Tea Sensory Appreciation and Tea Blending. Susmita is a leading global tea professional, please check out the Nomad Tea Festival creator section for Susmita.