Discover Tea in South America

How tea culture is growing in South America?

How do people learn about tea in South America?

How people drink tea in South America today?

Let’s discover South American Tea! In this workshop, you will be able to discover tea fields, cultivars, tea stiles in South America; according to its unique location, weather, and traditions.

Sunday, July 26th

3:30 -4:00 am AEST (UTC+10)

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Nomad Tea Festival

Thanks to Priscila, 
this workshop will be complimentary. 

this workshop is hosted by

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Priscila Vázquez Ruilova

Tea Sommelier / Tea Designer


I am a medical doctor.

Tea is my way to discover, perform, and live a peaceful and artful life.

With tea, I can easily relate to people and expand my worldview.