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Eric Glass Korean Tea Enthusiast

Eric Glass

Tea Blogger at TeaCrimes

After a few years into his tea studies, Eric settled on two categories of tea to take precedence in his life. Heicha & Korean Teas (specifically balhyocha). Introduced to Korea’s splendor in 2010, Eric swiftly felt the urge to visit South Korea’s mainland tea-producing areas. His short time traveling in the name of tea knowledge, his penchant for tea, tea steeping habits, and choice of teaware changed for life. Since then, he has started wholesaling Hunan heicha with the occasional sourcing and consulting. His blog, TeaCrimes, is a satirical look about how to and how not to tea things up. After a hiatus from posting, Eric has some upcoming articles he hopes will tickle the fancy of the judgmental sipper.

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