Evolution Of Tea Drinking History


Is it about time we (de)modernise our tea drinking habits?


Tea drinking has changed tremendously over the centuries. In this workshop, we will cover some crucial stages of tea drinking in history (both in the East and West) and look at some of the tea-drinking habits in the West with a ‘critical’ hat. 

We will underline the changes in tea consumption in recent years and try to guess the future of tea drinking in relation to social movements such as slow tea, and demodernisation.


Sunday, Oct 25th


2:15-3 pm CEST (UTC+2)


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Thanks to Isilay, this workshop will be complimentary. 

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Evolution Of Tea Drinking History - Isilay Aktas

Isilay Aktas

Tea Sommelier, Founder of Not Just A Cuppa

Coming from the most extensive tea consuming country per capita, Isilay grew up with brewing and drinking tea. Moving to the UK widened her tea horizons. However, only when she relocated to China, she was tea-struck and became a big fan of fine Chinese teas. She completed her tea sommelier training at the International Tea Academy in 2019 and with the urge of spreading the word on exquisite artisanal teas, she founded Not Just A Cuppa.