Han Le

Han Le

Han Le

Japanese Tea Master

  • Certified Japanese Tea Master
  • Chinese Tea Master
  • Master Tea Blender
  • Master Tea Roaster
  • Profesionnal Culinary Chef

M. Han Le has been a tea master since 2003.
He is the owner and founder of the tea house “Salon de Thé Oasis”
and the tea company “Teas Guru” based in Montreal, Canada.

Since 2018, he founded a local tea master association
where he is sharing tea knowledge and experiences with others,
hosting tea sessions to young kids as part of extra-curricular school activities
 as much as tea classes for professionals.

Passionate about tea in all its forms and origins,
he is always testing new things when he has a moment
and loves to share a cup of tea with others anytime.

-Tea is the essence of life-

Han Le

Demystifying Japanese Teas

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