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Horenso Consulting offers a broad variety of tea experiences (seminars, coaching, tea cocktails…) mainly aimed to hotels and restaurants in Germany.

Horenso consulting offers concepts mainly for European hotels and restaurants.

Over 20years experience in 5-star hotels and premium restaurants in Japan, Switzerland, Dubai, U.S. and Germany have shaped my decision to start my own consultancy in December 2019.

Developing effective, interesting concepts to increase guest satisfaction, maximize profit and ensure for a better team spirit are the main focus of my expertise.

Hōrensō describes a Japanese management style in which employees discuss and tackle challenges together with the management team. Hō for “Hōkoku” (report), Ren for “Renraku” (contact) and Sō for “Sōdan” (advice.)

I’ve been fascinated by this corporate culture since my position as F&B director at the Roppongi Hills Club (a private business club) in Tokyo.

My passion for Tea deepened during my time in Japan. The attendance of the Japanese Master course at Obubu Tea, Wazuka/Japan in September 2019 had been such a lively, eye-opening experience that the culture and mind of Japanese tea is now embedded in my concepts.

Mindfulness, prudence, attention to detail, perfection, the best taste – all of this is in a cup of tea and therefore in my offers. Think “outside the cup” and get to know my extraordinary concepts.

‘‘Many hands and good music will make a fantastic tea‘‘

What’s popular at HORENSO CONSULTING? 🍵


Introduction To Tea

Treat yourself, your guests or employees to a short trip to the most beautiful corners of the world with a tea seminar. Individual sessions are offered in English or German.

  • Presentation of different tea countries

  • Economic and Scientific facts about Tea

  • Cultivation, harvest, processing

  • The correct preparation of different types of tea

  • Presentation of premium teas such as white tea, pu erh tea, matcha

  • Tea tasting

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The Green Gold For Your Body And Soul

Green tea is invigorating, calming, helps to burn fat, increases alertness, and slows down the aging process.

Since my master course at Obubu Tea Garden in Wazuka/Japan, I want to share the experience and versatility of Japanese tea to my customers.

Experience a online seminar or live how you will be healthier with green tea. Taste premium tea from Japan for a new experience.

  • Presentation of various Japanese teas (Sencha, Bancha, Gyokuro, Hojicha)

  • Importance of water temperature and water type in Japanese tea

  • 25 healthy reasons to enjoy green tea

  • Explanation and introduction of Matcha

  • Tea tasting of Japanese tea’s

  • Presentation of healthy recipes

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Enjoyment With Tea

An iced tea without artificial sugar? New recipes with Tea to increase your performance during exercise?

The classic cocktails mixed with fresh tea? Have you ever tried BBQ & Tea?

Be it cocktails or cooking, baking or refreshing iced tea – I am happy to introduce you to new, exciting recipes evolving around tea.

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HORENSO CONSULTING will be attending the Nomad Tea Festival Europe. Stop by their booth and say “hi”.

how can I visit the booth!?

Enter NTFE> go to booth > search Horenso Consulting

If you are attending from PC, make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best festival experience.  



Is international shipping available?

No, only within the EU.

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