how to brew tea with a bowl

For a long time, bowl brewing was practised before teapots were invited.

In this workshop, three different bowl brewing techniques will be shared to suit teas that require different brewing temperatures.

You will be also able to learn briefly how to incorporate a short meditation routine in your bowl brewing practice.

Sunday, July 26th

5:15 -5:45 pm AEST (UTC+10)

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Nomad Tea Festival

Thanks to Kaishan, this workshop will be complimentary 

this workshop is hosted by

Kaishan Mellis how to brew tea with a bowl with kaishan (1)

Kaishan Mellis

Chief Tea Officer, Libertea Melbourne

Founder of Libertea Melbourne,
a loose-leaf only tea boutique;
and co-founder of BrewIN Melbourne,
an independent artisan tea festival.

Kaishan is a certified tea sommelier in Chinese teas,
an oolong tea addict,
and a dedicated tea practitioner
who is passionate about tea culture and the art of brewing.