Korean traditional fermented healing herbal tea.

1. Produce, process, distribute, and export Korean medical herbs
2. Healthy tea drink made soft and safe with solid fermentation and ageing technique developed in house
3. Products developed by an active oriental doctor with 20 years of clinical experience
4. Traditional Chinese medicine re-designed for modern people’s chronic diseases
5. Herbal tea that is even softer than black tea, so any children or any culture can drink comfortably
6. Selective ingredients from locally produced, organic, or natural
7. Has therapy system that is combination of various teas that are aimed for specific role
8. All teas are Caffein free and has detox benefit

What's popular? 🍵

Good Night Tea 12 Tea bags1

Good Night Tea- Snooze Delight

This special blend’s calming and relaxing effect is all you need to help you unwind and “yoga” your mind at night.

Good Night Tea “Snooze Delight” can be enjoyed in the morning, day or evening.

Its brewed color is light and mild. Yet, its distinctive soothing aroma and subtle taste is absolutely comforting.

berathing tea5

Breathing Tea-Breathe heavens

Soothe your respiratory discomfort with our NEW Breathing Tea.

It is truly a “Breathe Heavens”. It is one of our darkest tea, yet the taste is surprisingly smooth and light.

All of our teas can be enjoyed in the morning, day or evening.

Light tea 5

Light Tea-Lighten up

Blend of organic certified Tangerine peel and Lotus leaf will light you up from heavy life.

Tangerine peel disturbs storage of fat while activating digestion process. Lotus leaf purifies your blood and detox for skin.

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