Japan, More Than Green Tea

Discover wonderful Japanese teas beyond their unique green teas.
Priscila will present you Japanese black, oolong, fermented tea and share traditional ways of preparing the teas different from chanoyu.


Saturday, Oct 24th

4:15 -4:45 pm CEST (UTC+2)

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Nomad Tea Festival Europe > Stage

Thanks to Priscila, this workshop will be complimentary. 

this workshop is hosted by

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Priscila Vázquez Ruilova

Tea Sommelier / Tea Designer / Tea Ceremony Performer

My name is Priscila. I’m a medical doctor. I have been in the way of tea for nine years.

Tea has opened my eyes to a wonderful way of art and philosophy.

Tea expanded my worldview and led me to amazing people, unique places,
and a way to create art, peace, teaching, love, and respect for every culture.