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Jé le potier: I provide teaware you need for tea brewing and tasting.

I make teapots, tea bowls, kettles, tea jars, tea boats(acts to catch and hold the water) in my workshop.

As a ceramist and tea lover, I can assist what you need.

When you choose a teaware, not only the functionality of teaware is important, but also the personal character of each object.

Jé le potier

As a ceramist specialized in the world of tea, I am involved in creating each piece.

You can find my teaware with quality, originality and simplicity.

Your tea practice is unique. Through my craft, I serve this uniqueness while keeping in mind the essential function of each part of teaware.

When you use my teaware, I wish all you to have as much pleasure as I had while I was making them.

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Jé le potier

Petite théière émaillée 9 cl #65

This is a small 9cl teapot enamelled inside and out.

It is perfectly versatile.

Jé le potier

Kyusu 12cl #13

Kyusu enamel, for right-handed people of 12cl, for 150 grams.

This kyusu is enamelled inside and out.

Its fairly wide filter is made up of fine holes to allow the infusion of Japanese green teas.

Jé le potier

Shiboridashi #23

Shiboridashi 7.5 cl enamel Weight: 160 gr Capacity: 7.5 cl

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