This year, we bring Korean teas to the world.


Monday, 18 July 2021
10 am - 5 pm
Seoul Time (UTC+9)
100% Online
Free to Enter


Korean Tea - Nomad Tea Festival 1


Opening Drone Light Show

We are starting the Nomad Tea Festival Korea with the drone light show hosted by Hadong World Tea Expo 2022. Everyone is free to interpret the drone show. In the end, we will explain the major scene and the purpose of the light show.


Korean Tea Seller Interview - soo park

What is it like to sell Korean teas? What are the ups and downs while running a tea business? Soo Chung from @nomadteafestival invited another Soo Park from @soochatea.canada for a talk to dive in.

Eric Glass Korean Tea Enthusiast


Korean Tea Enthusiast Interview - eric glass

How do people get into Korean teas? Where do people learn and get Korean teas? We will be interviewing Korean tea enthusiast, Eric Glass 😃

Vincent Liu developed a tea app called MyTeaPal


My Teapal App Developer Interview - vincent liu

Did you know there’s an app for tea? What does it take to create an app? We invited Vincent to share his app developing process of MyTeaPal along with his passion for tea.


Lunch Break 🍚 Korean Bibimbap with Green Tea Leaves

Join the virtual Korean cooking class and enjoy a simple, yet nutritious meal with tea. 

Yoon Hee Kim


Journey into Korean Tea, with a lifelong 다인 & Korea's Tea Ambassador -yoon hee kim

– Yoon Hee Kim, Certified Tea Master / TeaClassics @teaclassics 🍵 / Korean Tea Culture Foundation

Welcome our guest, Yoon Hee Kim Korea’s Tea Ambassador who will guide you through the world of Korean tea & culture.

In this session, you will explore the beauty of Korean teas, their rich history, growing regions, steeping styles and watch a tea ceremony demonstration.

It’s a rare opportunity where you get to learn about Korean teas that’s well-researched, studied, and practiced.

Korean Tea


Virtual Tea Travel to South Korea ✈️

  • Tea Tasting with Friends 
  • Tea & Hiking 4 Seasons
  • Celadon
Tea Cocktails made with Korean Traditional Drinks


Tea Cocktails made with Korean Traditional Drinks -byungjin lim

We invited a world-class bartender Byungjin Lim from Bar Cham (2021 Asia’s 50 Best Bars 34th – Congrats! 🎉) to show us how to make a tea cocktail with Korean teas and Korean spirits.
It was an honour and a special tea & spirit moment. Let’s have a deliciously crafted tea cocktail during the festival 🤩🍸✨


Korea, the land of morning calm - sharyn johnston

Sharyn Johnston from Australian Tea Master will walk you through the basics of Korean teas.
In this presentation, Sharyn also shares her delightful stories of working on various tea projects with the Korean tea industry.
Balhyocha in Hadong Nomad Tea Festival Korea


Balhyocha - Nicoletta Tul

What is balhyocha?
What is yellow tea?

One you start drinking Korean teas, you will soon find yourself getting confused with the different terminology, tea grades, tea categories that are not so clear.

In this session, we will learn about balhyocha and put the puzzle together.



enter the festival

Sunday, 18 July 2021 10 am – 5 pm Seoul Time (UTC+9) 100% Online Free to Enter

Yes. However, only some of the festival will be shared afterwards. You will not be able to ask questions and interact as an attendee. 

Yes, Nomad Tea Festival Korea will be in English.