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Libertea Melbourne is a go-to place to visit in Melbourne specialised in artisan oolong, puerh and organic western tea options

Behind the scene of Libertea Melbourne is a father and daughter team, both lifelong pure leaf tea lovers, both certified tea evaluators in China.

Inspired by her father David’s own line of puerh products, Kaishan founded Libertea in September 2017 with a simple wish to introduce her father’s tea to the Australian market.

Instead, Libertea introduced Kaishan to both the tea community in Melbourne and China, led her deeper into the world of artisan teas, and a never-ending learning journey.

The intention of Libertea is to guide tea lovers towards small pot brewing (Gongfucha).

With a growing tea range of oolong and puerh, Libertea believes that tea is more than a flavoured drink, it’s five senses stimulating experience, and look forward to sharing our tea philosophy with you in the festival.

What's popular at Libertea Melbourne? 🍵

Libertea Melbourne

Mount Ali Dew Drop (Alishan Oolong)

The Dew Drop Oolong we selected is handpicked above 1,500 meters altitude, has a light to medium oxidization, then roasted over a low fire so as not to overkill a lot of the complex frontal notes.

Despite the light processing, the body of the Dew Drop is rich, full, with a strong note of nori (Japanese dried seaweed), and of course, the signature Alishan sweetness.

Libertea Melbourne

“Red Rhythm” Raw Pu-Erh Cake (Year 2007)

This is an unique Lincang puerh cake, with a strong and stimulating flavour profile due to the heavy rubbing in the crafting process.

The leaves are also slightly cut, so as to release more effective ingredients when brewed.

After aging for 10 plus years, the attributes of this cake are getting more stable and started to shine through.

Libertea Melbourne

Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong (Feng Huang Dan Cong)

Our Honey Orchid uses spring harvested maocha from 600 meters altitude.

It went thought a slightly heavier oxidization, and a second firing with charcoal, oversaw by a tea science researcher with 25 years under his belt.

Libertea Melbourne will be attending the Nomad Tea Festival. Stop by their booth and say "hi"😀

Enter Nomad Tea Festival > go to Expo > search a booth 

If you are attending from PC, make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best festival experience.  


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