Living Tea 活茶 – Tea as it was 2,500 years ago

Living Tea 活茶 - Tea as it was 2,500 years ago

How do we claim to know tea and move forward without knowing its root?  

Due to industrialisation and colonisation, tea as we know it today predominately originates from the 19th century. Yet tea has existed for almost 5000 years, it has existed as part of nature, a reflection of humanity and in its abundance of diversity, the way tea has evolved throughout thousands of years has remained unknown to most.

In the wild and inaccessible mountains of Guizhou in southwest China, the primaeval ecosystem and diverse ethnic tea cultures have remained unknown to the rest of the world for centuries.

Rui Liu Grass People Tree
Born and raised as a Guizhou local and as the founder of Grass People Tree,
Rui wants to share with you the secret to a brew that never bitters and the ancient wisdom of the Living Tea. Join Rui on this journey and you will never think of tea the same way again.

Sunday, July 26th 

5:30 am -6:00 am AEST (UTC+10)

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Nomad Tea Festival

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Rui Liu, the founder of Grass People Tree, shares the untold stories of wild, indigenous and ancient tea that are made in tune with nature just like it was 2500 years ago. Born and raised in the wild and inaccessible mountains of Guizhou in southwestern China, Rui’s mission is to serve as an advocate for authentic narratives and dying traditions, to celebrate the diversity of the tea as part of global culture and to share the ancient wisdom that is needed more than ever in today’s world. 

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