Nicoletta Tul

Tea Sommelier Nicoletta Tul is pouring tea

Nicoletta Tul

Tea Sommelier

A biochemist that changed her life for the love of tea. Nicoletta Tul is a certified tea sommelier and official tea evaluator for the Chinese government. She runs her own tea business and a tea shop in Padova, Italy where she lives and works.
She organizes tea workshops, webinars, and masterclasses both in Italian and English. Her love for tea knowledge brings her to Asia very often, where she studies with masters and experts.

Balhyocha in Hadong Nomad Tea Festival Korea

Balhyocha in Hadong

Balhyocha in Hadong What is balhyocha?What is yellow tea? One you start drinking Korean teas, you will soon find yourself getting confused with the different terminology, tea grades, tea categories

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