A Moment of Tea


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Join us for a tea tasting course where you can pause and re-set in a modern world where we tend to work restlessly. A Moment of Tea, a tea bar that provides specialty tea, cakes and tea brewing experience in Salamanca Arts Centre, will invite you to the world of tea as part of the NTFA 2022 Opening Night.

DATE : Friday, 5 Aug 2022

TIME : 6-8 pm

LOCATION : A Moment of Tea
Woobys Lane, 77 Salamanca Pl,
Battery Point TAS 7004


  • Green Tea– Jasmine Dragon Pearls ( made in Fujian, tea leaves from Yunnan)
  •  White Tea– Premium White Peony 2018 ( from Fuding, Fujian)
  •  Yellow Tea– Huoshan Yellow Buds 2022 ( from Huoshan, Anhui)
  •  Oolong Tea– Wuyi Mountain Rougui ( from Wuyi Mountain, Fujian)
  •  Black Tea-Lapsang Souchong ( from Tongmuguan villiage, Fujian)
  •  Post-fermented Tea– Pu’er 2019 ( from Menghai, Yunan)

Teas will be served with dessert packs including snowball cookies, lemon glazed cake, chocolate brownie and mixed nuts.

Each tea is a step in a magical journey:

  • Green Tea: Opening the doors of early spring.
  • White Tea: Walking into the forest after the rain.
  • Yellow tea: Basking in the warm sunshine.
  • Oolong tea: Running into a sea of flowers.
  • Black tea: Wrapped in the sweetness of harvest.
  • Post fermented tea: Touching the texture of time.

You will experience:

  1. A glimpse of each of these teas.
  2. An in-depth tasting of 2-3 premium teas, selected to match the season and weather.
  3. Tips to identify good quality tea in daily life.
  4. How to fully appreciate the tea tasting experience.
  5. How to match exquisite desserts with each tea.

The teas for the in-depth tasting are brewed in the Gong Fu tradition.