Tea Tasting Experience in Sydney : Zensation Tea House


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Join us for a chill night with tea, food, and culture hosted by Zensation Tea House.


We will be enjoying a tea degustation course packed with
• Tea tastings
• Tea ceremony demonstration
• The proper etiquette of tea presentation
• The philosophy of the “Way of Tea”
• It will be a night to celebrate tea 🎉


DATE : Friday, 5 Aug 2022


TIME : 6-8 pm


LOCATION : Zensation Tea House
Shop 160/806 Bourke St,
Waterloo NSW 2017



  1. Hibiscus Iced Tea (Herbal Infusion)
  2. Silver Needle (White Tea)
    Served with boiled lightly salted Edamame soya beans
  3. Organic Mao Feng (Green Tea)
    Served with spring rolls (vegetarian or pork)
  4. Milky Oolong (Oolong Tea)
    Served with vegetarian sticky rice in lotus leaf
  5. Aged Pu-erh (Dark Tea)
    Served with a variety of freshly steamed dumplings
  6. Blossoming Bouquet (White Tea)
    Served with homemade ice cream or mochi sweets