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Explore the world of Rujani original loose leaf tea. Artisanal tea derived from a fourth-generation, 122-year-old family-owned business. Single-origin, hand-crafted, award-winning tea made in small batches that is big on flavour.

Rujani Tea brings you an authentic farm-to-cup tea experience. Grown in our tea farms in Assam, India, the world’s largest tea-growing region, we have always focused on sustainability, with a firm commitment to nurturing both the land where our tea is grown and the community who help produce our teas.

Rujani have developed a range of whole leaf teas with a driving philosophy to reintroduce the ‘original way’ of making, brewing and enjoying tea the way it is intended.

Rujani original teas are a journey of discovery, bringing the wonders of full-bodied loose leaf Assam teas rich in flavour and aroma to tea lovers across the world.

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Rujani Assam Tea Melbourne

Assamica Premium Orthodox

Our popular single-origin Assamica Premium Orthodox Tea is sourced from only Camellia Sinensis Assamica tea plants, grown in our Aideobari tea farm in Assam, India; the world’s largest tea-growing region.

Rich in colour and aroma, this distinctive, full-bodied tea is harvested with immense care and processed by hand using traditional methods. This ensures the leaves remain whole and maximum flavour is extracted.

Rujani Assam Signature White Tea Leaf

Signature White

Ideally enjoyed in the evening to promote calmness, you’ll notice a pleasing floral aroma when brewing our popular Signature White tea, along with a golden hue tone in appearance.

The presence of leaves makes this refreshing white tea slightly robust and full of flavour.

Rujani Assam Tea Melbourne


A cup of our robust, mood-enhancing Emerald tea is a wonderful way to start your day.

As the name suggests, Rujani’s Emerald tea has a rich, bright hue when brewed, proving its quality status.

Rujani’s Emerald tea won an award at the home of green tea in 2019, at the 4th International Tea Culture Expo, held at the Sichuan International Tourism Trade Centre in China’s tea town, Mount Emei.

A proud new addition to the Rujani award-winning collection, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this beautiful single-origin green tea.

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