SINELLIA TEA. Passionate about Chinese tea.

Sinellia Tea was born 6 years ago out of our passion for learning about Chinese tea.

Our purpose is to share this passion through workshops & tastings and bring to you the teas we discover on our tea adventures and enjoy drinking.

We offer full-leaf Chinese Tea, as well as Chinese tea discovery workshops and private tea ceremonies, online and in Guangzhou City, South China.

What’s popular at SINELLIA TEA? 🍵

Fuzhan Brick –  Dark Tea (黑茶)

Fuzhan Brick: Discover the sweet and mellow tastes of a lesser-known Dark Tea (黑茶), containing the famous Golden Flower.

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Health Junshan Yinzhen – Yellow Tea 

Junshan Yinzhen: Taste one of China´s rarest Teas. Indulge in its sweet, hay and round flavor. A real Chinese Yellow Tea.

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Yingde #9 – Red Tea

Yingde #9: Tired of drinking the same Reds? Why not try this sweet, round and fully bodied Red Tea (aka Black Tea in the West) from Guangdong, a real crowd-pleaser.

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SINELLIA TEA will be attending the Nomad Tea Festival Europe. Stop by their booth and say “hi”😀

how can I visit the booth!?

Enter NTFE> go to booth > search SINELLIA TEA.

If you are attending from PC, make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best festival experience. 


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