Tea in Italy

Is there a tea culture in Italy?
Is tea growing in Italy?
What is it like to be a tea drinker in Italy?
Who dares to talk about tea in Italy?
We the tea people!

In this workshop, Luca Campaniello will talk about tea and art. He also invited a special guest, Erica Grotteschi, who is one of the few tea farmers in Italy.

Erica grows organic tea in the area of Lago Maggiore. She will be sharing her tea story from Italy at the Nomad Tea Festival.

Sunday, July 26th

1:00 -1:30 am AEST (UTC+10)

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Thanks to Luca & Erica, this workshop will be complimentary. 

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Luca Campaniello spoke about tea in Italy at Nomad Tea Festival 2020

Luca Campaniello

Tea lover and artist, Luchayi

Luca Campaniello is an italian tea lover, founder of luchayi blog and a co-founder of “Fogliditè”, the first Italian magazine on tea.  He is also a musician and a composer. In the last years Luca traveled to remote tea fields, with the belief that “Every leaf carries with it the taste of the country where it grew.  It has an evocative power, so drinking tea is much like travelling.” 

He often sees tea leaves as artworks, and he tries to catch their beauty through photo still shots.

our special guest

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Tea Grower in Italy