Tea in Taiwan

“In my workshop, I will introduce people to the wonderful world of Taiwanese tea. During the workshop, I will brew oolong and black tea from the famous tea growing areas of Taiwan, and provide descriptions of these locations.

I will walk you through our brewing method so you can make the best cup of Taiwanese tea possible.  

I will also discuss the current status of Taiwanese tea farming with a focus on the organic farming methods employed by boutique farms like ours.”


Sunday, July 26th


9:15 -9:45 am AEST (UTC+10)

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Nomad Tea Festival


Thanks to Josh, this workshop will be comlimentary.

this workshop is hosted by

Joshua Wang Family Tea

Joshua wang

Wang Family Tea

I am a fourth-generation tea farmer from Nantou County, Taiwan. When I am not busy on my family’s tea gardens, I focus on promoting Taiwanese tea in the foreign market.  My hope is that more and more people will get the chance to try the finest tea Taiwan has to offer.