tea market Terms & Conditions

market terms & conditions

Participation in the Nomad Tea Festival Market is subject to your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Please read this page carefully before completing the Application Form.


Please make sure you are 100% committed to fulfilling your obligations as a stallholder as outlined in this agreement. Cancellations have a significant effect on our entire working process prior to an event, including administration, logistics, marketing and PR.


The Nomad Tea Festival will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to a person or property including the alleged negligence, loss or damage due to any circumstance/s outside the control of the festival. However, if Melbourne goes into another lockdown due to COVID-19, your application fee will be refunded. 


All applications will be assessed based on how each business aligns well with the mission, vision, and the festival’s theme of the year (For 2022, Tea in Australia is the theme). The Nomad Tea Festival reserves the right to accept or decline any application.

Can I bring my vehicle on-site to load in?

No vehicle access to the site will be allowed for loading in and out of the venue. All goods must be unloaded at the venue boundary and walked on-site via Loop Bar through Meyer’s Place street.


Where can I park?

No parking is allowed on-site during the operating hours of any market. All vehicles need to be parked in the surrounding streets. A map showing the nearest parking areas will be provided when the application is successful.


When will I have access to the site to set up?

You will have access to the venue to set up from 8 am, 60 minutes before the commencement of the event on Saturday, 6 August 2022. 


The Environment

The Nomad Tea Festival will be left free of waste after the event. Your assistance in this matter is appreciated. Please try to reduce waste and use recycled and/or recyclable packaging and materials and remove all waste at the end of the day. 


Nomad Tea Festival Market 

TEAm will be on location from 8.00 am. Stallholders load in from 8.00 am and no later than 8.30 am, ready to trade by 9 am. The market finishes at 4 pm and no stallholder is permitted to pack up before this time.


Site Conditions

This is an indoor market with a limited number of stalls and power. Stall sites are allocated at the discretion of the festival. Stallholders may use other free-standing displays of their choice – these must be secured and weighted appropriately. Failure to contain your stall within the site will result in a request to remove displays/items immediately.

  • Payment – An invoice will be emailed to you if your application is approved.
  • All payments are to be completed electronically. Payment details will form part of the invoice.
  • Payment in full is required within 5 days from the date of the invoice.
  • Non-payment within the time frame may result in your booking being cancelled.
  • Reminder emails for non-payment of invoices will not be sent.
  • All applicants must have their own insurance.
  • Please note that fees are non-refundable.
  • A copy of your Public Liability Insurance (PLI) Certificate of Currency must be provided with your application.