tea + creativity = ∞

“Tea is my muse. Tea inspires me to create. It’s almost like tea pulls me to create rather than I try to create. When tea flows within me, I feel aligned and balanced. There’s infinite possibility.”

by Justin Other (@justinotherteablog)
Tea Raps
The Way of Tea
Camellia Sinensis
The Way of Tea by Li Ying Lim @when_stillwaters_speak
The Way of Tea
Sakura Mochi & Matcha by Julia Bui Shizen Sweets @shizen.sweets
Sakura Mochi & Matcha

tea parties

We’ve hosted tea parties and gathering during the festival with each host’s uniqueness! 

Dana Austin doing a tea party
Southern Charm
The Communi-Tea: Getting to Know Your Bes-Teas!
The Communi-Tea: Getting to Know Your Bes-Teas!
Trouble Brewing Virtual Tea Party
Trouble Brewing By Adeline Teoh
Qi Gong John Robertson
Qi Gong by John Robertson
singing bowl
Singing Tibetan Bowls and Tea Appreciation
Lizzie Chan
How to Utilise Tea by Lizzie Chan