THE CHAIWALI was started out of a love and passion for Indian tea. It is something that is very close to my heart… ode to Indian tea.

Travelling to various tea gardens in India has made me keenly aware of the amazing variety of high quality teas produced here. And having grown up in India I have been fascinated to see how chai , which is just the local word for tea, is such an intrinsic part of Indian life. I have tried to bring that spirit and zest of chai into this very special tea collection.

For the love of all things simple and calm and unhurried… our exclusive range of chai is here. The best artisan Indian teas from across the subcontinent – black, green, oolong , white are hand blended with Indian herbs and spices to create these flavourful chai blends. Our blends are 100% natural and filled with the goodness of various healing herbs.
Each cup of our chai is a celebration for your body and soul. We call it Chai ki Chaahat ( the love of tea) … because for us itโ€™s all about love .. for this amazing brew:)

We believe that the humble cup of tea is a lot more than just a hot drink. Sipping your tea is a sublime feeling. Our purpose is to create something unique and special for our customers…. an unforgettable experience.

What’s popular at THE CHAIWALI? ๐Ÿต

Nilgiri Frost

Nilgiri Frost

This tea is a large leaf orthodox tea that is grown at the highest elevations of
the blue hills in Southern India. The leaves are picked only after the coldest
nights of winter. The frost is a stress factor for the tea plants which develop
different compounds as a defense mechanism. These compounds create an unusual
and  complex set of flavours in the tea.
This rare semi fermented tea with a mild and sweet fruity flavour is an absolute
delight in your cup.

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Musafiki Chai

Musafir ki Chai

Travelling by train in India is a very unique experience, nothing less than an adventure. One of the mainstays of every traveller is the hot, spiced , strong,milky chai sold at every train station.
This traditional chai recreates that cup of sustenance for every traveler anywhere. A blend of strong, malty tea from the plains of Assam and a special mix of Indian spices, this delicious chai is a cup of instant energy . The perfect companion on any journey.
Best prepared with a little milk and sugar if so desired.

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Gulabo Chai

Gulabo ki Chai

This is no ordinary rose tea. It is so much more than that. This is a chai of love and laughter, of beautiful moments strung together, of long summer days and breathtaking sunsets, of music and long meaningful conversations. Every sip of this exotic tea is a reminder of how beautiful and precious life is and to live it to the fullest.
Semi fermented oolong tea from the legendary Darjeeling hills are hand blended with delicate fragrant red rose petals and black cardamom. The complex taste of the oolong tea is perfectly complemented by the delicate fragrance of the rose petals and the woody sweetness of the cardamom. Truly a match made in heaven.

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