The Communi-Tea: Getting to Know Your Bes-Teas!

This will be a casual, “get to know your fellow tea-friends” atmosphere.

We will be speaking about our experiences, preferences, and overall enjoyment of tea-related topics.

The main focus will be learning about people’s experiences, expanding your own horizons, and discovering new aspects of perspectives from your new neighbours.

Sunday, July 26th

7:30 -9:00 am AEST (UTC+10)

Are you outside of Australia? Calculate your timezone here. 

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Mike Cuevas Virtual Tea Party Getting To Know Your Bes-Teas

Mike cuevas

Organiser, The Communi-TEA

Mike Cuevas began his journey purely by accident, 
while walking past a tea shop offering a flavor he’d never heard of before. 

After trying the Pumpkin Spice tea, 
he walked into the shop and walked out with 2 pouches of other delicious flavors. 

This awoke a new passion in him and inspired him to seek out all the knowledge he could find. 

He established The Communi-Tea on Facebook, 
where he hosts a weekly Tea Tasting, 
and encourages members to share their experiences, 
questions, and enjoy tea-based group adventures.