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The Japanese Tea Hub is a small online retailer specialized in organic Japanese teas.

“The Japanese¬†Tea¬†Hub was born as a channel to make the finest Japanese¬†teas¬†easily available outside their country of origin. ¬†

I have always been fascinated by tea, consuming this rejuvenating elixir since an early age.

First time I tried matcha was over twelve years ago when it wasn’t a thing in the Western world. The moment I decided to take part in a Japanese¬†Tea¬†Master course in Japan marked an important milestone in my¬†tea¬†learning journey.

My decision to become a self-proclaimed Japanese Tea Evangelist, stems from my love for Japanese cuisine, as well as teas and culture. Delicate, flavourful, refreshing, healthy, a drink that can be enjoyed by everyone, at any time and everywhere! The knowledge and availability of good quality Japanese tea in Europe are somewhat limited.

Only those who are passionate about Japanese tea know-how and where to find the finest Japanese teas outside Japan.

My mission in life is to source the highest quality Japanese teas for your enjoyment. I want to share my passion for Japanese teas and knowledge about them with you.  

In The Japanese Tea Hub

We believe in high quality tea. We only source what we know is good after having analyzed and tasted it. You would be surprised how many people sell teas without having even tasted them even once. We are heavy tea drinkers here!

We deliver freshness. Have you ever thought about how the teas you buy are stored and handled? Our teas come already packed in opaque pouches, from origin. In this way teas preserve their properties for longer.

We don’t do teabags. They generate a lot of waste. they don’t allow the¬†tea¬†leaves to fully open and release their full flavour. Plus they are full of micro-plastics that are released into the brew. We see¬†tea¬†brewing as a pleasurable experience and therefore we believe that in order to enjoy the experience¬†teas¬†should be brewed correctly.

We are tea brewing advocates. We love tea brewing, we want to improve the way tea is consumed and brewed. We want to help you to enjoy fully the art of brewing.

We know Japanese¬†tea¬†is good for you. We are trained in Japanese¬†teas. We know they are of an excellent quality, grown with care and dedication, fresh, refreshing, calming. Packed with multiple health benefits. Who doesn’t want to feel better?

Let’s connect through¬†tea!”

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The Japanese Tea Hub

Kadota Aracha Shincha Kamairicha Organic

The Kadota Aracha Shincha is delightful, with its curled and beautifully preserved leaf. When poured on, a wonderful floral fragrance flows towards you. This combines with a fine sweetness, characterized by a long reverberation on the palate.

The Japanese Tea Hub

Organic Watanabe Kabuse Shincha 

The Watanabe Kabuse Shincha is wonderfully fresh and fruity, highly aromatic and at the same time very soft with a delicately sweet note. The cup glows in bright, bright green and has a long lasting taste.


Organic Morimoto Shincha 

Morimoto Shincha is a blend of the two tea bush varieties Yutakamidori and Sakimidori. Both varieties begin to grow very early and can truly be called carriers of spring freshness. 

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