The Tea Journey to Nomad Cultures Through Horse Tea Trade Route

The Tea Journey to Nomad Cultures Through Horse Tea Trade Route

Hei Cha is also known as Dark tea in English and is known as liquid gold in Chinese tea culture.

It does not have sexy flavours (which tea has sexy flavours? Let’s ask Mei during her workshop) but can comfort you with a gentle and sweet taste that people with different health conditions can all enjoy in different seasons in a year.

The journey that links tea with Nomad cultures can trace way back more than 2000 years, but the credit for massive cultural influence must thank the horse tea trade route from AnHua.

In this workshop 

  1. you will learn about the historic legend of horse tea trade route
  2. How Hei Cha (Dark Tea) is linked to health 
  3. What to know and how to distinguish the quality 
  4. How to Brew Dark Tea. 

Saturday, Oct 24th

9 -10 pm CEST (UTC+2)

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 20 euro. White TEAket (Visit tea market, attend 15+ tea workshops & parteas and attend 1 paid workshop, The Tea Journey to Nomad Cultures Through Horse Tea Trade Route.)

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hosted by


Mei Lan Hsiao

Chinese Tea Master






The first lesson about tea for Mei Lan was the basic principle of how to select, to brew and to drink tea correctly according to health requirements based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles. She has been practising those principles for health, in body, mind and energy, with tea-based on her upbringing learning experiences since the last nearly 60 years.

She started the official learning of tea in 1985 when she was first enlightened by the Eco-Nature and tea trees; she realized the humane values in tea by knowing the tea production processes by nameless tea farmers, tea pickers and tea production masters; from each brewing, she learned what and how to distinguish the authentic quality in flavours and tastes. A short conclusion, she learned tea from nature and tea.

Living in Belgium since 1991, the unplanned migration gave her a chance to expand the learning and quality examination of tea and Chinese & international tea cultures in 360-degree angle by standing outside of her comfort zone. She became more critical in the learning and practice of tea and Chinese tea culture.

She started to promote Chinese tea culture and give tea workshops based in Belgium since 1995. She keeps strong ethic principles for authenticity d correctness in knowledge sharing and purity in quality selection.

She founded Belgium Chinese Tea Culture Association (F.vzw) in Antwerp in 2011, further established Belgium Chinese Tea Academy under the Association to offer certified tea sommelier training programs to satisfy the learning desires of international tea lovers to become serious and responsible tea sommeliers in 2015.

She received an award from Taiwan Tea Manufacturing Association in 2014 for her devotion to quality tea; in 2018 received the award as the example of best tea teacher overseas from the Chinese ChaRan Friendship Association, Beijing, China.

Belgium Chinese Tea Arts Centre is been appointed as Chinese ChaRan Friendship Association Belgium Exchange Centre in 2018.

She has been invited to deliver a speech in various tea conventions in different tea producing regions in China during 2017-2019

Since 2020, she actively involves in sharing information about the quality label of EU-China Geographic Indications Agreement with the aim to encourage tea growing regions to enhance their devotion in maintaining eco-balance in the environment, sustain traditional culture heritage in agricultural sustainability developments, because only by creating better value recognitions of Chinese Quality Teas meet the interests of European tea lovers and Chinese tea farmers/producers.

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