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Wakoen Tea : Fresh from our farm to your hands.

Since 1948 we have been growing tea on the Osumi Peninsula in Kagoshima, Japan.

Because we harvest, process and package our teas in-house, you are getting the freshest tea available, directly from the source!

No middle man.
Fresh from our farm to your hands.

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Arabikicha 60g Can

Arabikicha is a high-grade Ryokucha powder that can be used for making hot or iced tea.

It is also easy to add to recipes for a nice green tea flavour.

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Arabiki-Genmaicha 30 g

Powdered genmaicha using superior tea provides a great taste with the convenience of a powder.
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Fukamushicha (Deep-Steamed Tea) Ryokucha Densetsu – Competition Grade – 100 g

Fukamushicha is a deep steamed tea with a dark green color, a sweet fragrance, and a full-bodied flavor.

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