Wang Family Tea

MARKET Wang Family Tea 去鬚鬚(紅底金字)

The finest Taiwanese tea from our family, to you.

Hailing from Nantou County, Taiwan, we are the Wang Family. We’ve been involved in the tea business for several generations. Now our youngest generation, comprised of the brother and sister team of Josh and Ivy, have decided to make our finest teas available to tea drinkers the world over.

To do this, we work with our family and trusted friends to ensure that we can always offer the highest quality Taiwanese tea. Whether it be a fresh high mountain oolong, a beautifully roasted oolong, or a fragrant Sun Moon Lake black tea, our goal is to always find a tea that represents the best that Taiwan has to offer.

We want to offer our fellow tea drinkers a window into the life and culture of Taiwan, and Taiwanese tea. Thank you all for the opportunity to share our family’s passion for tea. We look forward to sharing our tea and knowledge with you.

What's popular? 🍵

wang family tea_Shanlin Xi High Mountain Wet

Shanlin Xi High Mountain Oolong

Location: Shanlin Xi(杉林溪)

Cultivar: Qingxin Oolong(青心烏龍)

Garden Elevation: 1200m

Season: Spring 2020

Roast Level: Unroasted

Harvest Style: Hand Picked

The tea has passed the pesticide residual inspection by SGS Company

wang family tea_Baguashan Honey Scent Oolong

Bagua Shan Honey Scent Oolong

Location: Bagua Shan(八卦山)Nantou

Cultivar: Taicha No.12 Jin Xuan(台茶12號)

Garden Elevation: 500M

Season: Spring 2020

Roasting Level: Medium Roast

Harvest Style: Hand Picked

The tea has passed the pesticide residual inspection by SGS Company.

wang family tea_Cui Feng Light Roast oolong

Cui Feng High Mountain Oolong

Location: Cui Feng Mountain(翠峰山)

Cultivar: Qingxin Wulong(青心烏龍)

Garden Elevation: 1700m

Season: Winter 2019

Roast Style: Roasted with Traditonal Charcoal Method(炭焙)

Harvest Style: Hand Picked

The tea has passed the pesticide inspection by SGS Company.

Wang Family Tea will be attending the Nomad Tea Festival. Stop by their booth and say "hi"😀

Enter Nomad Tea Festival > go to Expo > search a booth 

If you are attending from PC, make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best festival experience.  


Be a tea friend with Wang Family Tea🎉

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