War Time Tea

War Time Tea : Reamp on the Native American sacred tea, that was once called Black Drink. Made from the Anti-Cancer herb “Yaupon Texas Holly”.

“Growing up as a kid with dyslexia, I retreated to the woods with a thirsty mind to understand life and it’s meaning. I drew closer to God and the spirit and looked for all things.

I wondered about the purpose of Yaupon, which grew thick in Southeast Texas, in the form of twisted underbrush. Yaupon grows so abundantly that, even light travel can turn into a heavy task.
Any man would stop to wonder why on earth this tree is even here!

A brilliant mathematician once said that tea can be made from the Yaupon leaves but, there was a dangerous lookalike that could be deadly.

Later in life, I researched and found that the Native Americans held Yaupon tea sacred and drank “Black Drink” among friends before the battle.

Yaupon was then used during the Civil War when coffee was not available.

There are tremendous health benefits associates with Yaupon:
Anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-diabetic, supports the cardiovascular system, anti-oxidant, and contains caffeine and theobromine to support concentration and stamina.

During this time of Crisis, I believe without a doubt, that it is time to make America healthy again!

I am bringing Yaupon (Texas Holly) from the thicket to share with every American.
With the men and woman overseas in mind, I am creating flavours that will bring comfort and joy with every cup. I hope that our soldiers will be reminded of their homeland when they hold a cup of authentic American tea.”

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