Nomad Tea Festival Organisers – Xenia Blanco / Nomad Tea Festival Europe

A special credit to Xenia for making the Nomad Tea Festival Europe possible. Without your initiative, I would never dare to throw another festival right after Nomad Tea Festival 2020. Yayyyy We did it!
Soo Chung
Soo Chung
Head Nomad @ Nomad Tea Festival
Xenia Blanco

Xenia Blanco

Japanese Tea Hub

Xenia’s passion for tea begun during her teenage years. An avid foodie, Japanese culture lover & tea drinker for decades, she finally decided to take the plunge & make tea her profession in 2017.

She has travelled to Japan multiple times, (where she got formally trained in Japanese teas) before opening her own micro online tea shop. Xenia was chosen to take part in the Japan Tea Export Council Tea Study Trip & is an active member of the GJTA.

She posts tea & food pairings on a weekly basis. When she is not brewing tea or making a tea experiment, she can be found trying to compile all her tea based recipes.

Her goal is to promote Japanese teas abroad, to educate consumers to help them making the right choices when buying or brewing Japanese teas & also to help small farmers to market their products in Europe.

After taking part in the first edition of the Nomad Tea Festival, she got hooked & decided to contact Soo to organize its European edition.

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