Yoon Hee Kim

Yoon Hee Kim


Certified Tea Master / TeaClassics @teaclassics 🍵 / Korean Tea Culture Foundation

Yoon Hee Kim is the founder and director of TeaClassics, Tea and Food Arts with Yoon Hee Kim, and the Korean Tea Culture Foundation.

Yoon Hee is a multi-talent tea expert, tea ceremony artist, certified tea master, chef, tea photographer, and a speaker with over 20 years of research and practice. She is an internationally renowned and sought-after teacher.

For over two decades, Yoon Hee has worked tirelessly, as a passionate advocate and pioneer, to spread the love and knowledge of Korea’s teas to tea enthusiasts world over. She works along side and with tea farmers, tea institutions, tea researchers and government officials to bring Korea’s teas to all corners of the world. Although based in California, where she runs TeaClassics, Yoon Hee travels to origin, often and regularly, and began a tea and food arts research center in Korea.

For her ongoing dedicated efforts, Yoon Hee was recognized and appointed, i 2009, as “Korea’s Tea Ambassador” by the Governor of Korea’s largest tea-growing province, Jeolla-namdo.

Yoon Hee continues to present a wide range of programs at universities, festivals, museums and culinary institutes, both in North American and abroad. Additionally, provides consulting services to tea businesses, conducts tea education, cooking classes, special events and origin tours focusing on tea and culinary.

Corrinne Trang, the award-winning author of nine books @liquidgoldtea said, “Yoon Hee is a walking encyclopedia and a teacher of teachers, her presentations thorough, engaging, and fun.”

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